Your own virtual office to chat with anyone

Easily interact with friends and colleagues without the hassle of scheduling meetings. You'll get your own link and a fully customisable virtual space. So you can say " Pop by my office" or "Let's grab lunch together"

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Your own corner office

Share your link with anyone - it's your personal meeting space. Launch and join personal offices right in Slack with our integration. Open your office door and your Slack status will update so that others know you're open to chat.

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Fully flexible office hours

MyOffice offers a virtual open-door solution. Instead of wasting time sending back and forth Slack messages or meeting invites, simply open your office door when you are open to chat. This will save you time and lead to more effective collaboration with your team.

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It's your personal space

Decorate your personal office with your favourite books, quotes, or even virtual art (maybe a crypto punk?). You can also drag in tools like a whiteboard or screenshare for easy collaboration. Add some personality to your online interactions.

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Runs on Unicorn Platform